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Agreeing a resolution to a dispute is the best possible outcome. The parties retain complete control of the process and its conclusion.


They build their own bridges.

Professor Auchie has been appointed as mediator in a range of disputes including in commerce, employment, family and education. He has done so both in person and online. He is available for appointment as a sole or co-mediator. He is a registered mediation practitioner with the accreditation body Scottish Mediation. He is also a mediator with Squaring Circles

Negotiating a satisfactory outcome for both parties can be challenging. This challenge can arise from a breakdown in party relations, the causes of which can be numerous and complex. Using the law to resolve a disagreement can be a blunt instrument, and it will not provide the answer to communication, perception and personality tensions, all of which routinely lie at the heart of disagreement.

Mediation has a high success rate and it aims to produce a binding agreement which finally resolves the dispute. It is a process which can be used to resolve any type of dispute, whether relating to contract, commercial, family, consumer or employment. There is virtually no limit to its scope of application. It can even be used in a middle of a litigation (court action) or arbitration.


Over the past 20 years, the popularity of mediation has soared. It was seen as a method used in family and neighbour fallouts. It is now used in a far broader range of conflict.

Mediation is cost-effective, informal, private and easy to arrange. It can also help with later settlement negotiations, where needed.

Professor Auchie has successfully mediated a number of disputes. He has taught the theory and practice of mediation at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. His understanding of mediation is internationally recognised through his positions with the International Academy of Dispute Resolution (INADR) and his Weinstein JAMS International Fellowship with the US-based JAMS Foundation.

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