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Business Conference



Party in a commercial arbitration:

"When a dispute has reached the stage of no satisfactory resolution, the prospect of arbitration can be daunting. Any party entering into this process can only hope for the application of impartiality and reason from someone who is able to gain a full understanding of the situation and how the parties arrived at that point. 

When Derek was appointed as the independent arbitrator after a long and stressful 18 months of a business dispute, he applied rationale, judgement and objectivity which neither party could dispute. Derek obviously understood the situation very well and was able to bring to satisfactory conclusion a very unhappy period. This allowed me to move on in the knowledge that the dispute had been very fairly resolved. I have no hesitation in recommending Derek to be appointed as an independent arbitrator for anybody who finds themselves in that position."



"As a mediator Derek’s calm demeanour and expert facilitation enabled both parties to explore their issues and I was impressed and reassured by his confidence and practical approach to gaining a resolution (in what was a particularly sensitive discussion). It was evident that his experience of mediation allowed him to instinctively seek helpful insights and skilfully manage the dynamics of the conversation to reach agreed outcomes for each party."

Judicial tribunal panel colleague:

"I have worked with Prof Derek Auchie as a tribunal colleague for some years. As one would expect Derek’s technical, legal knowledge is excellent as are his organisational skills. I have also been impressed by his ability to communicate effectively with all parties in a direct, understandable, clear and dispassionate way whilst at the same time offering a degree of support, empathy and non judgmental warmth in what can be a difficult tribunal setting."


"I have carried out a number of joint mediations with Derek and he is someone I greatly respect as a mediator. He brings a lot to the table: in-depth knowledge on dispute resolution, professionalism, objectivity, a very calming presence in the room, sensitivity to participants’ situations, and he is a great support to his co-mediators. I feel more empowered and confident in joint mediations knowing Derek has got my back!"

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