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More and more disputants are turning to arbitration as a private, streamlined, expert-led and flexible process. The main benefit is: party control.

Professor Auchie has been appointed both as a sole arbitrator and as tribunal chair in commercial cases. He is available for appointment as arbitrator or tribunal secretary in a wide range of civil disputes.

He has chaired around 700 judicial evidential hearings, managing the process from beginning to end. He has case-managed hundreds of other disputes, issuing directions and holding procedural hearings. He is experienced in assessing and interpreting evidence, reaching binding decisions and writing robust decision reasons. In doing so, he usually chairs tribunals of three, but sometimes sits alone.

He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) as well as a member of CIArb’s Scottish President’s Panel.  He has educated hundreds of students who have, as a direct result, secured CIArb Membership or Fellowship. He launched and led an LLM Dispute Resolution in a top 10 UK law school.

Professor Auchie has held procedural and evidential hearings in person, by telephone and via video conferencing. These cases often involve complex factual, procedural and legal issues, as well as extensive documentary evidence.

The variety of Professor Auchie’s judicial work is built on the foundation of his eclectic litigation career: he represented clients in a very broad range of civil and criminal matters including in contract, delict (tort), debt, property, family, personal injury, employment, immigration and child law disputes.

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