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Sometimes parties to a dispute need encouragement to see the realities of the situation they are facing. A fresh, neutral evaluation of the merits and challenges of the arguments of each party can assist here. That evaluation can be carried out on the instruction of one party, or at the joint request of both. The evaluation can include settlement recommendations.

A non-binding evaluative report can unblock a challenging negotiation, saving the parties a great deal of time, effort and stress. This method (sometimes called 'Early Neutral Evaluation' or 'ENE') may be employed at any stage in the dispute.

Professor Auchie has handled disputes across a wide range of legal subject areas, including contract, commercial, employment, personal injury, property, family, education and others. This enables him to provide an honest, clearly reasoned and persuasive assessment of prospects in a wide range of dispute areas. This can usually be done on a set of papers with (if desired) outline arguments.

Evaluation can be used on its own, or in conjunction with other methods. 

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